Tom Hamilton

March 9, 2017

Name: Tom G. Hamilton


Tom G. Hamilton lives in the beautiful Raia of Portugal. This is the frontier region in the heartlands, just north of the Tejo river. Musician, composer and producer, he has spent the last years investigating the Celtic roots of the ancient peoples of Iberia, collecting the sounds of the disappearing soundscape of this ancient region. This has been made into a musical documentary called Cancao Raiana Perdida (the Lost Song of a Frontier). 

Tom is currently writing a book about the historical city Castelo Branco, in which the unknown story of the Carthaginians, who had long before established strong ties with the Lusitanian pre-roman Celtic tribes he believes will revolutionize our understanding of some of the most famous and remarkable characters who ever lived. This includes Hannibal Barca, son of the great charismatic leader Hamilcar. In addition to writing a book, Tom is composing a soundscape of music inspired by the story. 

Find his music and more at



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